Mitsubishi Corporation

MC Staff Union

With the aim of creating a more positive working environment, MC proactively engages its staff union in efforts to formulate and implement measures that reflect the voice of employees.

These efforts seek to achieve the following goals:

(1)  to maintain and enhance employment conditions while improving employees' economic and social standing, and

(2) to reflect the collective opinions of MC staff in the management of the company, thus contributing to the sound development of MC and the fulfillment of its public mission.

Overview of the MC Staff Union

Formed in 1970, the Mitsubishi Corporation Staff Union is now in its 47th year, with 3,385 members as of March 31, 2017. Based on an agreement with MC, all eligible employees join the union. The union carries out a variety of activities and is led by a representative committee comprising four full-time members and 56 members (including a 23-member executive committee), who are selected from twelve branches established at division, branch and other offices of MC.

MC Staff Union Functions Representing the Voice of Employees to Management and Supporting the Effective Implementation of HR Systems

MC's staff union frequently holds workplace meetings at each union branch in order to ensure that employees are informed about the various HR systems introduced by MC under labor-management agreements. These meetings are held over 300 times a year.

Labor-management meetings are held to share information and discuss ways to improve working situations. Such meetings are held at various levels including each business department, division and business group, and ultimately once a year with the president. The key feature of MC's staff union is that it promotes the adoption of HR systems throughout the organization, while at the same time monitoring and collecting the opinions and views of employees, via workplace meetings and questionnaires. MC's staff union ensures the opinions of employees are represented to top management, including the president.

Regular Meetings with the Staff Union

Regular communication between employees and management is facilitated through the staff union, such as via meetings with top management, including the president. Meetings about business results are held twice a year, as well as regular meetings with the Global Human Resources Department.

A Message from MC's Staff Union in Japan

The variety of activities carried out by the staff union are executed with the purpose of developing a rewarding working environment and thus maintaining high levels of motivation among MC employees.

The union actively makes recommendations to the company about further enhancements of HR systems and operations.

These include monitoring the implementation of HR systems, and sharing issues regarding corporate initiatives in discussions between employees and management.

Taking into account the needs of the employee, the union makes suggestions to build systems that develop and utilize the talents, whose working styles are becoming more and more diverse.

Full-time members of MC's Staff Union